Circular Fashion

Welcome to bespokely bridal, where our commitment to improving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values is at the heart of everything we do! We understand that the fashion industry plays a critical role in sustainability, and we are dedicated to doing our part in leaving the world a better place for future generations.

Zero-waste design: Our unwavering commitment to environmental friendliness starts right from the design stage. Unlike mass production and excess inventory, we have embraced a made-to-order business model which mean zero inventory and waste. Each dress we create is tailor-made to your unique preferences, ensuring a personalized and waste-free approach that stands as a testament to our environmental consciousness. 

Sustainable Packaging: We use sustainable packaging that further lessens our environmental impact. Our conscientious approach to packaging reflects our dedication to reducing waste and promoting environmental responsibility. But our commitment goes beyond environmental matters, as we also take immense pride in supporting our community.

Empowering Women-Owned Businesses: We believe in empowering women entrepreneurs and supporting women-owned businesses. By choosing our custom bridal shop, you contribute to our efforts to uplift and foster exclusivity within our community. Together, we can create a positive impact on women's empowerment and contribute to a more socially responsible and equitable society.

Circular Economy: If you choose to give your dress a second life, we offer a reuse and recycle service. You can ship your dress back to us. In return, we express our gratitude by offering you $100 store credit towards a custom evening dress or the option to donate $100 to a non-profit organization of your choosing. This way, you can actively contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry while supporting causes close to your heart. By participating in our reuse and recycle service, you grant your dress a second chance at life. 

Thank you for choosing our custom bridal shop. You're not just buying a dress; you're making a statement about what matters to you. Let's rock this journey towards a better world!